Become a 3M Vinyl Wrap Installer With These Tips

Become a 3M Vinyl Wrap Installer With These Tips

Be it cars, bikes, trucks or vans, for years now we have developed an obsession for all sorts of motor vehicles. Some of us save for years to purchase the ride of our dreams, not to mention we even personify them because we love our cars!

Most of our purchases will revolve around models that look really classy and chic. The way these cars perform and look is also a crucial aspect that we look out for.

Once we purchase the car we want, it doesn’t stop there. In order to ensure that our ride stays with us for a long time, we need to spend some money on improving its appearance and performance.

Plus, you can also add customisations to your car according to your personal needs. For instance, you can change the colour of your ride and its bodywork.

Now there are two ways that you can go on about it. You can either opt for spray-painting your car or you can go for car wrapping. Needless to say, out of the two vehicle wraps in Corby is a more appropriate choice for multiple reasons. You can either go with the full or partial body wrap, the choice is yours.

The advent of car wrapping has opened a gateway for a very lucrative business opportunity and if you wish to become a vinyl wrap installer with proper accreditation, the tips mentioned below will help you get started!

Choose the best car wrap installer credentials

When it comes to wrapping, 3M is the best in the industry. When you start looking into it, you will find that there are three separate credentials offered by them to individuals seeking certification in wrap instalment. These are:

3M Certified Graphics Installation Company

3M Preferred graphics installer

3M endorsed vehicle graphics installer

Find out as much as you can about these credentials and see which sounds more appealing to you and accordingly you can choose your specialisation.


Training courses are offered all year long and take about three days to complete. You will receive a detailed briefing on every small element that’s apart of vinyl installation. You will also get demonstrations on vehicles belonging to each class which will be as follows:

Small vehicles for business purposes

Personal vehicles



Textured and smooth walls


Once the demonstrations are done, you will be asked to apply what you learned for a more hands-on experience. You can try it on your own ride with instructions from professional application trainers.

You can also pose questions so as to perfect and polish your existing skill set until you match up with the quality and standard that 3M expects. You will also find out about the materials that are ideal for each job along with other pitfalls and issues which you are likely to encounter.


In order to advance your skills, you will have to keep practising and asking seasoned and professional installers for tips and tricks in case you need help with it. You will have to give a test and pass (of course) in order to become a fully qualified installer.

So it will work in your favour to stay well acquainted with the process and know of the intricacies and complexities involved in vinyl wrapping and installation. So keep at it, keep studying and you will be good to go!


Over the span of three days, you will be given all the knowledge and skills you will need to start your own vinyl wrapping venture. Along with this, you will also be given a title that you can use in conjunction with your qualification and position so as to advance your business.

You will also be given an I.D, shirts that will specify you as professional installers along with listing on All these aspects will increase your appeal as a professional installer to potential customers.

They will have more trust in you and your work when they see these logos and titles so it is definitely worth your time to go through the training process and learn from the best in the industry rather than just try it on your own.

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