Best Stag Do Spots in the UK

Pit Stop Challenge

A Stag Do is the most exciting and fun moment in the wedding planning process for most men. In fact, not only for the groom to be but also his friends too.

Well, one weekend or a night away from all the wedding chaos filled with fun and entertainment is all any man needs before he says “I do”.

You, perhaps, would not like to waste this precious time by merely partying hard and lazing around a hotel suite or club. Instead, why not disperse to a location where you and your group can feel the adrenaline rush!

Why not indulge in an adventurous expedition which you always wanted to go on with your group?

To make your Stag Do planning all the more convenient, we have listed down some of the exceptionally different Stag Do spots across the UK:

Climbing the wall of ice

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones then you definitely would like to indulge in this activity. In this activity, all you have to do is climb a 12 metres high ice-clad wall. You also get a chance to tackle 200 metres ice wall and simultaneously beat your attackers.

The height and wall of ice may give you goosebumps and you may contemplate choosing this destination but you have experts to help you throughout the activity. Moreover, participants are provided with a rope which ensures their safety.

If ice climbing does not seem to be a breath-taking expedition to you then you can always switch to aerial assault course which carried on in the Scottish Highlands.

Participants have to cover 250-metre long course which comprises of hurdles such as vine swings, tightrope walks and commando nets and this is carried out 10 metres above the ground level.


If you are a fan of driving or share the love for F1 race with your friends you can search for event management companies which offer you F1 racing experience. You get an excellent opportunity to drive F1 simulators belonging to your favourite team.

Apart from this, you also get to participate in pit stop challenge wherein your friends have to split in a group of 3 and experience the journey of real pit stop crew. You and your friends get an opportunity to work towards a common goal and coordinate tasks to successfully complete the task.

The challenge includes tasks like wheel change and racing with the opponent. You feel the excitement of driving as an actual F1 racer and the attractive glossy simulators make the entire trip all the more thrilling.

Bubble Football

If you and your friends share a common love for the sport then you definitely must include this activity in your Stag Do plan. Football is a great sport and it compels you to level up your stakes.

If you are planning a Stag Do for your school friend then you can probably recollect some of the funny and memorable incidents from your past. But, this football match is unlikely to be the one you usually play.

Every player will be encased in an inflatable balloon-like sphere and play the game. This means that you get to enjoy the liberty of flexible footwork but bound to bounce back if you hit one of the players.

Initially, it might seem to be uncomfortable and different but when you start playing it is fun and you tend to laugh a lot throughout the session.

Puzzle Puzzle

This activity is simply for those who are looking for a lesser physical activity and a chilling session with their group. This activity may not drain you physically but definitely walk you down the memory lane. You have to collect as many golden tickets as you can by playing different levels of the game.

You do not have to spend many hours it hardly takes one hour to complete one game. Irrespective of your age group you are bound to enjoy this game and laugh out loud!

You can combine a couple of these activities so that you can make most of the time you have for your Stag Do. Towards the end of the day or your trip, you can always hit a night club to rejuvenate yourself!

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