Factors To Check While Choosing A Company for Pressure Washing for Your Commercial Vehicle

Vehicle Washing

You look into various factors while purchasing a car but people usually forget to consider the fact that your car needs equally good treatment post purchase. Irrespective of whether you are purchasing the car for personal or commercial purpose, it is important to take good care of it and at regular intervals.

For this purpose, you need to choose a particular company that offers you appropriate services to your car. However, you cannot randomly pick a company and trust them to do the needful.

You need to search for basic reliability, industry experience and professionals to carry out this task. Besides, you need to enquire about the type of service they offer. For instance, if you want to send your commercial vehicle for pressure washing then you must ask for the following details.

#1- Preparation for power washing

Before you actually send your vehicle for cleaning, ask the professionals about whether you need to make any prior preparations for it. Besides, you need to also be aware about the cleaning process that they are likely to adopt for your vehicle.

How often would they clean, type and quantity of fleet, wash and water recovery system they are likely to use, degree of cleaning based on the power washer they are likely to use in the process are some of the questions which you should find answers to.

Do they offer inspection of fleet for open windows, repairs for pre-existing damages and oil leaks are some other crucial questions you must ask the company about.

If there is any specific mention to avoid using a particular chemical for your commercial vehicle then you should inform the same to the company so that they do not use it. If you are not aware about any such details you can ask them to carry out some research on your behalf.

However, if you contact an experienced company who has been looking after repairs of commercial vehicles since a long time then they would be well-versed with such information.

#2- Cleaning interiors or not

At times, companies offer improper services such as they do not clean the interiors of the vehicles. This means that your vehicle remains unclean even after paying for the services. This may reduce life of your vehicle even after sending your vehicle for timely services.

Therefore, check with your service provider how they clean enclosed trailers and the safety rules that they follow. This is to ensure that you do not unknowingly violate any regulatory norms.

Besides, if your commercial vehicle carries perishable fruits/vegetables or any other food products then timely cleaning is very much necessary. Additionally, maintain cleaning record checklist for cleaning, inspecting transportation equipment and sanitising.

For example, you have sent your vehicle for repairs when you noticed some imbalance in the front wheel. In such a situation, you expect the company to repair the wheel correctly and provide the much needed wheel trim safety so that you do not currently have to stop the same problem occuring again.

#3- Right Temperatures

It is tricky to set the right temperature for the cleaning process. But, just like superman finds a way to save the one in trouble similarly an expert knows the secret to balance the temperature for the process.

As a layman, you may not understand the intricacies and reasons for a particular temperature. But to make understanding the concept easier, vehicles especially trucks need warmer climate during power cleaning process.

The main reason for this is that during cold days or in colder temperature the soap does not penetrates as fast as it should and hence the vehicle needs a second power wash.

#4- Billing

When you search for companies offering you such services make sure that you look into the prices charged by them. There are several companies in the market and each of them has different focal point and target audience.

For instance, some companies are always in lure of attracting customers/ increase database, while others aim to offer one-stop solution and satisfactory services to their potential customers.

If you are enquiring several companies about their services and confused between two companies then you must ask some detailed questions. For instance, you can ask them the quality of detergent or equipments that they use in the process or the labour costs involved.

This way, you can determine whether the price that they are charging is worth the service or not. And, accordingly, you can take the decision of selecting the company and that particular process.

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