Free Yourself From Those Sunday Blues By Making These Simple Changes

All of us eagerly wait for the weekend to arrive but before we even get to actually enjoy it, Sunday night is already upon us and we have to start prepping for the next working week.

Weekends are what the majority of us live for, but Sundays often make us feel that the weekend is drawing to a close, which is why we start to feel the blues the moment we wake.

You know that icky feeling that settles within you when you start to realise that the weekend has come to an end and you simply start dreading the entire week ahead of you. Now, just because Sundays are a reminder that the weekend is going to end, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you must dread them.

That said, we’ve put together a few changes for you to implement, which when incorporated into your everyday life, will help you beat those Sunday blues and stop dreading Mondays.

Pen down all the things you plan to do in the week

The things that you wish to get done with can cause more stress than you can ever imagine. That is why it’s important for you to take out at least 5 minutes, if not more, on a Sunday night to pen down everything that you feel must be done in the coming week.

By doing just that, you can focus more on what needs to be done in order for you to plan ahead. More to the point, when you’re aware of what’s coming your way, it helps you prepare for it beforehand.

Finish all the week’s tasks  

Always begin your week by completing your work as soon as possible. Say, for instance, purchasing groceries and getting the laundry done on the first day of the week itself will only help keep the additional stress at bay!

Besides, by stocking up your pantry and clearing out the hampers you’ll thank yourself later on in the week when the hecticness of life starts to set in.

Quickly get done with your Monday morning ritual

For almost all of us, the usual Monday morning ritual entails packing lunch, choosing an outfit and getting ready. That said, make certain that you’re ticking off most of the tasks from the list on a Sunday night itself, as that will make your Monday morning a whole lot easier.

So, better get your lunch packed right after your dinner and select the outfit that you want to wear the next day on the night before. Getting done with these rituals a night before will help you focus on other essential tasks.

Be as productive as possible

Rather than dreading your entire Sunday and being a couch potato, get your act together and make the most out of your day by being active.

There is a lot of stuff that can be done to keep yourself active throughout the day. Say, for instance, you could clean the house, cook food, plan for the upcoming week, catch up on those emails, go grocery shopping, pamper yourself and a lot more.

When you get done with all the things that have been on your mind, it will not only lift up your mood but also give you a sense of accomplishment whilst making you feel better.

Get fit

This, we would say, is by far the best way to keep the blues at bay! Working with a personal trainer in moorgate will make you feel much better about yourself. Working out regularly helps boost endorphins and other chemicals present in your brain that elevate your mood. What’s more, you also get to do away with the stress hormones that are making you feel awful.

Apart from hitting the gym, there are other methods that you can put to use if the gym isn’t your thing. Perhaps you could try yoga within the comforts of your own home. Or maybe you could try out walking, running, dancing, biking and jogging, to name just a few.

Mind you, exercise will not just help you beat the Sunday blues, but also benefit your body in several ways.

And that wraps our list of things that can help you steer clear of those Sunday blues whilst keeping yourself productive the entire day. Start implementing these changes and maybe you’ll soon realise that Sundays aren’t all that bad after all!

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