Reasons To Give Stem Cell Therapy To Your Pup

If your dog has arthritis, then you should know of some traditional methods that can be used to help your furry pal fight the pain. If the condition is severe then consulting a vet is, of course, strongly recommended.

These methods can involve a big change in the lifestyle of your pooch and help them deal with the pain effectively by losing weight and building muscles.

So what can help deal with arthritis that your pet is suffering from? Well, a sure-fire answer is stem cell therapy. It not only alleviates the swelling and pain but also heals the problem that too within a short period of time.

Many dog parents are confused as to whether they should try stem cell therapy or not. If you are sailing in the same boat then remember, arthritis not only affects your dog’s health but it will also affect your life.

And if you are still on the fence, then this post will help you come to a decision providing a  better picture of what stem cell therapy is and how it helps your pet.

The reasons we have mentioned below take everything into account including your time, cost of treatment and your relationship with your furry friend.

What is stem cell therapy?

It is simply an advanced technology of treating the dogs who are suffering from joint or bone problems or showing very poor improvement to other methods and medications.

In this therapy, fat cells are replaced with new cells by way of injection in a canine’s body. These cells grow within their system and replace the injured ones. It not only reduces the extra pain and suffering but also brings faster improvements.

Mentioned below are the reasons why stem cell therapy is good for your pooch.

1. Improve their behaviour

From the moment your dog is diagnosed with arthritis to the time you take it to the vet, you’ll see a dramatic change in its behaviour and activities. This is simply because they are in excruciating pain and you’ll see that they become more aggressive.

With the help of stem cell therapy, animals show a great level of improvement in their behaviour. It is simply because the therapy was helpful in reducing their pain and making them feel more at ease. It improves their well-being and mood which ultimately will bring back their friendly behaviour.

2. Takes a short time for results to show

Traditional methods of treating arthritis can take a long time to work or these might not even work at all. Also, some medications are to be consumed for a lifetime which means your pet will still be suffering from a lot of pain.

On the other hand, stem cell therapy not only gives 100% results but it also works in a very short span of time, say 5 months. And the best thing is that you can see the improvement for yourself within the first three weeks of the treatment.

3. Less expensive

Most people are under the impression that stem cell therapy is not a viable option because it will cost a considerable amount of money. The truth is that this method is not out of your budget unless you really want to help your furry friend fight the pain.

Plus, if you think about it, it is less expensive compared to other traditional and popular methods of healing arthritis in the long run. If you calculate the total cost of other treatments including the food supplements, injections and other medicines, it’ll cost you comparatively more than stem cell therapy.

On the other hand, this therapy will cost you a larger amount of money but just this once.

We hope this post helps clear all your illusions about stem cell therapy and its drawbacks including the money factor. But when you take your canine to the therapy centre, find out about the do’s and don’ts before and after the therapy is done.

Also, pay attention to long-term activities that might affect their treatment.

Although your pooch is in pain, you shouldn’t compromise on its grooming. So keep a good dog clipper ready to keep them looking good.

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