Top 3 Businesses That Came Up With Exceptional Global Marketing Tactics

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We’ve got news for you… guess what? Global marketing is no more held in reserve just for those businesses with heavy pockets, nor will it get onto the nerves of the marketing managers shouldering huge responsibilities.

Truth be told, any type of business, having an innovative tactic and better comprehension of what exactly the market has to offer, can hold a global presence.

Now if you’re confused as to what does Global Marketing mean… well, let us help you out!

Global marketing is basically an act of localising a particular product or service towards the requirements of potential customers residing in other parts of the world.

Usually, this marketing tactic requires you to conduct brand new research on the market, figure out places where your product would work wonders and only then focus the brand to reflect the community’s requirements.

All of this sounds a bit complicated, right?

Similar to other conventional methods of marketing (giving away freebies like cheap printed pens, for example), though, even global marketing strategies boil down to this one thing – Target Audience!

Also, getting an understanding of who wants your product/service, how to deliver them and how to do it in the right way so that it reinforces the brand, are all crucial elements of an incredible global marketing tactic.

In order to help you comprehend what an amazing global marketing tactic is, we’ve put together the top 3 businesses that have absolutely nailed it!

From familiarising themselves with the strategies to translating them in multiple dialects to adjusting their product line as per the requirements of different kinds of people, these businesses have got everything right to create a solid worldwide presence.

So, if you’ve been searching for some motivation on ways to create successful tactics and grow your business, do take a look at these 3 brands.


It seems as if Nike has taken its tagline seriously. They’re just doing it, so much so that they’ve managed to evolve their worldwide presence with some amazing international sponsorship, like the one with Manchester United.

Even if sponsorship expenses are considered to be quite erratic – as the demand cost tends to shoot up because of triggers like tournaments – these affiliations have undeniably helped Nike catch the attention of customers across the globe.

That apart, the brand has also been using its NikeID co-creation platforms as another tactic to pique the interest of global markets.

You see, by handing over the power of design to its customers, Nike has successfully delivered personalised products that go hand in hand with an array of styles and cultural preferences.


We all are already aware of the success that McDonald has been able to bag in the international market, so unlike their menu, we’re going to keep it light!

Whilst managing to keep its all-embracing branding steady, McDonald still practices “glocal” marketing efforts. No no, that isn’t a typo… it basically means McDonald’s adds a local flavour to various countries by coming up with a region-specific menu.

In the year 2003, it launched McArabia, which is a flatbread sandwich, to the restaurants in the Middle Eastern countries. Well, it has also added macaroons to the French menu and McSpaghetti to the Philippines one.


In the year 2018, Spotify was newly found to be among some of the best global businesses across the globe. Of course, all of us have heard about Spotify, but what’s surprising is how it so quickly and out of the blue managed to make its way from Sweden to other countries.

The business model prepared by Spotify is all about helping people find something brand new.

Say, for instance, it is one thing to choose a specific music genre to listen to, whereas it’s a completely different thing when it’s about choosing a “mood” to listen to. Now, when you’ll browse through their page, you’ll not just come across options like “hip-hop” and “country”; in fact, you also get music choices that cater to your sleep and workout preferences.

By making necessary changes to the content, Spotify has been successful in making its users listen to songs that are way beyond their preferred genres and rather fulfils the standard of living and habits that are shared worldwide.

This has come to the rescue of a lot of international artists trying to reach out to people from various parts of the world since the product mentioned on their page is categorised in a different manner.

Presently, Spotify has got offices in nearly 17 countries.

If making a strong global presence has always been your business’s ultimate goal, then you’ve got to first get your hands on the requirements that people from various communities have in common and then think of how you can create a product that catches the attention of these markets. What’s the initial step – get inspired by the work of these 3 businesses!

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