Top 5 brand Sunglasses in India

Sun Glasses

Sunglasses are very much important and it will protect your eyes from UV rays which might damage or discomfort the eyes. There are thousands of sunglasses available in the market and we have chosen them wisely. We have to go through the quality and warranty of the sunglasses. The sunglasses long associated with celebrities film actors primarily to mask their identity.  Mostly the sunglasses are of international brands which we can get it in the Indian markets also. Before buying sunglasses we have to look for specification and you need to visit the store for the oral inquiry. The sunglasses are available in different shapes, styles are different shades which is also available in E-Commerce companies that is online shopping. Sunglasses are very much in need during summer because the temperature is more when compared to other seasons.

Here are the top 5 brands


This brand sunglasses does not need an introduction and it is one of the leading brands in Sunglasses. They had introduced the most iconic designs like Aviators, Wayfarers, and clubmasters. The sunglasses of Ray-Ban loved by all man and women around the world because of the bold colors and are strong, flexible and frames are light. It is an American brand created in 1937by the American company named Bausch & Lomb and later acquired by Luxottica Group. The prices of Ray-Ban sunglasses are a little expensive when compare to other brands and this does not matter one who has craze about it.


This is also a famous brand which is leading in the Indian market and it is hugely popular among teenager group and young adults. The sunglasses are available well in the budget and you will get in different shades and various styles. Fastrack is an Indian brand and mainly headquartered in New Delhi. The design of sunglasses matches to the current trends and these are easily available and it offers an excellent choice for both men and women at affordable price.


Polaroid sunglasses rank third place in the list and they offer very good quality at an affordable price range to men, women, boys, and girls in India. The glasses from Polaroid comes with a wide variety of colors and shapes from stores as well as online stores. These glasses also protect from harmful sun rays.


The brand offers an affordable, stylish, and protect you in all the way when you have your own identity. The brand stands in fourth place in the list of top 5 sunglasses. These are fiber manufactured and lightweight. The lenses of the sunglasses are polarised to protect from harmful UV rays.


It comes in the 5th place and there are very less expensive with various styles. The product is very light in weight. IDEE is the most popular brand and it is one of the best sellers in the Amazon shopping site. The company uses polarised glasses to enhance the image quality and this brand is loved by all men and women in the Indian market.

These are the top 5 and beautiful style brands in Indian Markets.

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