What Should Indian Men and Women Wear While Travelling in India?

The key to right clothing is matching the cloth with the occasion. Weddings in India are a huge deal. You will see people dressed up in traditional wear, especially the women. But, people in India wear the same outfit on different occasions. For instance, most women in India wear saris for special occasions as well as when in the beach or regular occasion. This isn’t practical when you are traveling around India for fun and adventure. Paragliding in sari isn’t that practical. Choose some of the best travel fashion apparel designs online with available Jabong Sale today.

The right clothes will make all the difference to comfort and practicality. Don’t be shy to wear that swimwear in the beach or trekking suits when trekking in the Himalayas. Keep everything efficient and sage with the right clothes.

Here are some of clothing hacks for people traveling in India:

1. It has Got nothing to do with Culture

Wearing the right cloth for the occasion has nothing to do with culture. While some men and women in India may think that way, it isn’t so. So keep that inhibition aside and enjoy your traveling around India wearing comfortable clothes. Wear sari while trekking if you like, but it can be impractical and dangerous. The same goes for men too. Dhoti or kurta –pyjama may not always be practical. Don’t make a fuss about clothing and go with the flow to enjoy the best of India.

2. Cloth for Trekking and Hiking in the Himalayas

Weather in the Himalayas can be very tricky so make sure you have the right clothes. If it is cold in the morning then it doesn’t mean it will stay that way. The best thing you can do is wear layers of clothes so that you can take them off or put them back as per the weather conditions. Make sure your backpack has essential things. Wear socks and shoes for good quality that will protect you from the cold and offer firmness while you are climbing.

3. What to wear while paragliding

India has many places for paragliding like the Solang valley in Manali. To enjoy your ride and stay safe you need the right clothes and footwear. Wear layers of clothes and a windproof jacket for better protection. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and wear socks, because it’s cold in Manali. If you have ski suit then it is great. The waterproof jackets will protect you from the cold as well as occasional downpour. Paragliding is an adventure sports and quite fun. If you want to enjoy the experience to the fullest make sure you have all the essential clothing items with you. You can find amazing clothing options for travelling online with Snapdeal Coupons today.

4. Sky Diving

You can enjoy ski diving sports adventure in many parts of India like Mysore, Dhana, Deesa, Puducherry and more. Loose fitting clothes and shoes are recommended for this adventure sports. Avoid wearing skirts or salwar suits, dresses or saris when sky diving. If you are going for sky diving in the summer then shorts and t-shirts are ideal for both men and women. During the winter jeans and pullovers will keep you warm as well as comfortable during the sky diving. You will be wearing jumpsuits over the clothes along with safety helmets and goggles.

5. Going Skiing in Gulmarg or Auli or other places

Skiing is one of the best adventure sports in India. The northern India has some of the best destinations for skiing. Places like Auli, Gurmarg, and other snowy areas offer the perfect skiing experience. Make sure you are wearing enough warm clothes to keep the cold away. Layering is one of the best clothing advices for skiing sports. Wear woolen socks and thermal underwear to stay warm. Waterproof jacket is also essential. Cotton clothes will not be much of use.

6. What to wear when Scuba diving

Andaman and Lakshadweep islands are one of the top choices for scuba diving. Since you will be under water, it is advised to wear clothing items like swimsuits and shorts for both men and women. You can also wear dive-skin while scuba diving or snorkeling deep inside the sea. You will be provided with wet suit so it is important to wear something that will not interfere with your underwater adventure experience.

The Bottom-Line

Wearing the right clothes is very important for enjoying any event, occasion or sports activities. The right clothes will make things easier and keep you comfortable while you are enjoying the event. Make sure to wear the right clothes and enjoy your activity.

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